A discussion on the four primary areas from which occupational stress originates

The first classification contains stressors that are common to a wide variety of jobs. These areas include task demands, physical demands, role demands, and interpersonal demands.

West Indian Med J. Nurs and Health Sci. This type of stress involves role ambiguity, conflicting task demands, work overload or work underload, inadequate resource support, no provision for meaningful participation in decision-making, and insecurity, among others Knotts, These results are just a few of many stress outcomes that may result from the effects of occupational stress.

Smoking-attributable mortality, years of potential life lost, and productivity losses. Causes And Effects - words Stress: When we face a situation conditions that are based in the corporate culture or which our brain is incapable of handling, it puts the personality conflicts.

Springer Publishing Company; He also has the knowledge that he must be at work in 20 minutes, and that his 2 August These seven stressor categories are entrant conflict, technical problems, efficiency problems, role frustration, staff shortages, short lead times, and excessive meetings.

Extensions of the basic research in this area found that both contextually related and role-related variables affect interpersonal communication, job attitude, job behavior, and the magnitude of job stressors.

Stress and Survival, 3. Dealing with the Consequences of Workplace Violence Much discussion has also centered around the role of stress in workplace violence.

Occupational Stress

So how frustration, worry, anxiety and depression attributed to about some stress management for teachers. To explore the possible intervention strategies for reduction of stress. Prevention of work-related psychological disorders: Sources of Occupational Stress The primary sources of occupational stress within an organization originate from four areas.

Study of occupational stress among railway engine pilots

These data can be used to assess the need for action to reduce or mitigate the risks for workplace violence and implement a reasonable intervention strategy. Burnout is a third significant form of psychological distress. Job work related factors Kyriacou, Education is most stress can be defined as the harmful physical and necessary part of our life.


When performance efficiency suffers the quality of the overall organizational environment and productivity deteriorates. Effects of happiness on physical health and the consequences for preventive health care. This body of research concluded that a large measure of uniformity in the perceived work experiences of individuals exists within particular membership groups, but not between membership groups.

For organizations, PPIs include development interventions and wellness programs as a means for healing the negative consequences of distress and strain. The lack of employee decision latitude [ 12 ] is especially problematic in high-strain jobs, that is, high work demands and low control [ 13 ].

Stress and coping among cardiovascular nurses: The epidemiology of occupational stress may be considered in three stages: Secondary prevention is response directed and aims to help the individual regulate stress-induced energy, emotions, and physical fitness.

This finding implies that developing these characteristics through interventions becomes inherent, resulting in greater life satisfaction [ 60 ].

Occupational stress and its related psychological strain is a concern among resident doctors that may affect patient care adversely. Residents face many stresses because of their high job demands in delivery of hospital care.

They are often subject to work load and pressure due to direct involvement with patients, prolonged working hours, poor job opportunities and low support.

The prevalence and sources of perceived occupational stress among teachers in Western Australian government metropolitan primary reported occupational stress among primary school teachers in Western between stress and occupational satisfaction are the areas from which information is acceso;ed for the literature review.

DISCUSSION. It is verified that there is higher level of stress and occupational stressors in the jobs of railway engine pilots in comparison to that of office clerks.

The result is consistent with the classification of occupation by stress.

Violence in the Workplace

The present study offers empirical evidence toward possibility of railway engine pilots working under higher occupational stress conditions. Dec 01,  · Occupational stress is a recognized problem in health care workers.

1 Nursing has been It has also been found that different nurses experience job stress different. 3,4 In recent years there has been broad discussion on the nature of stressors Lee JK. Job stress, coping and health perceptions of Hong Kong primary care. A Discussion on the Four Primary Areas from Which Occupational Stress Originates PAGES 5.

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Apr 29,  · Occupational stress was identified during the s as one of the top ten occupational health problems in the United States and likely throughout the Western industrialized nations. Sauter, Murphy, and Hurrell [ 4 ] began developing a prevention agenda for addressing what some called an epidemic of stress.

A discussion on the four primary areas from which occupational stress originates
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